The Brain Series

A series illustrating how various parts of our brain impact our behavior and vice versa

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Click on the blog links below the images to read more about the work.

All rights reserved (c) Michelle Hunter

Yet to be Seen (c) 2012 Michelle Hunter
It Begins: The Brain and Secondhand Smoke Part 2 (c) 2012 Michelle Hunter

Brain and Smoking – Part 1 (c) 2012 Michelle Hunter
Brain Rhythm (c) 2011 Michelle Hunter×24.html 

Zzzzzzz (Sleep) (c) 2011 Michelle Hunter 

First Aid (c) 2011 Michelle Hunter 
Don’t You Remember? (c) 2010 Michelle Hunter 
Caffeine Headache (c) 2010 Michelle Hunter  
Past, Present, Future or Dreaming  (c) 2010 Michelle Hunter 

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