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It is #Wikipedia Day!!! Our online hippocampus.

Need I say more! What a great tool Wikipedia is.  On this day in 2001, the site went public. An insane amount of information is on there that is always evolving to include new stories and significant events.

For the occasion, I’ve done a quick brain drawing. The Wikipedia icon we are familiar with is placed where the hippocampus part of our brain lives. What is the hippocampus? It is a key part of our memory functioning. When we are learning something, which is what we set out to do when accessing such resource sites like Wikipedia, the hippocampus is busy storing the information that comes in. 

How do you use Wikipedia? I use it sometimes for quick research on parts of the brain. Usually I’ll cross reference the information with books and other resources I have on the brain. The Wikipedia tool certainly points you in the right direction for further research.

Happy birthday Wikipedia!!

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