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Celebrating the Female #Brain on International @womensday!

Hello there!

On this March 8th, the world celebrates the 102nd year of International Women’s Day.

As the date approached, I started doing some research to learn about what difference have been discovered between the female and male brain. Of course with science, nothing is exact but much is learned and explored. In the area of gender differences in the brain, studies suggest that:

  • The bond between the left and right hemispheres (Corpus Callosum) are stronger in women than it is for men. As such, we are more inclined to use both hemispheres of our brain when it comes to language like when we are reading or hearing something. Our language ability can be that much more exercised.
  • Our brains also tend to have more white matter which is the substance that connects the different parts of our brain. However, males may have a larger percentage of grey matter which serves cognition and decision making.
  • Our areas of the brain used for processing math may develop slower than males.
  • Our brains tend to be slightly smaller than males (~10% smaller)
  • When it comes to navigation, women are more inclined to use landmarks to get a sense of where we (turn right at the Barnes and Nobles) are while men are more directional (east at next light, then west).

Fun stuff! Enjoy your day ladies and as always, feedback is welcome 🙂

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