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Pictures of “Brain Rhythm” at Austin’s Art.Science.Gallery #art #science #brain

Hello there,

Recently, my painting “Brain Rhythm” took its first trip outside of New York to travel to Austin Texas for Art.Science.Gallery’s group show called “Join our Evolution”.

Through the use of tons of bubble wrap, crumpled newspaper and lots of tape, the painting arrived there and back safely (thank goodness). Below are some pictures of the painting at the show.

It was a great experience and working with the Art.Science.Gallery team was a pleasure, they certainly put me at ease. I look forward to sharing more of my work with them in the future.

© Ian M. Wright

© Ian M. Wright

© Ian M. Wright

Read about the painting “Brain Rhythm” here (http://hunterart.blogspot.com/2011/10/new-brain-painting-brain-rhythm-24×24.html)

Special thank you to Hayley Gillespie, Ph.D. (owner / ecologist / artist | Art.Science.Gallery.) and her team for making the show a success and working closely with the participating artists so the works arrived there and back safely.


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